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Hugo Lauris Was Arrested in London

World Cup crowned captain Hugo Lauris

French striker Hugo Lauris, captain of the World Cup soccer team and Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper, has been charged with alcohol abuse after being arrested midnight on Friday.

A police spokesman said the 31-year-old Lauris was stopped at around 1020 GMT (midnight GMT) in central London.

“After being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, he was released on bail and will appear before the Westminster Court on Tuesday (September 11th).”

Lauris won the World Cup in 2018 in July for the second time in the country’s history after the 1998 World Cup. The goalkeeper returned to his club, sparking the first two games of the Premier League season, in which Tottenham beat Newcastle 2-1 and Fulham, who returned to the elite league 3-1.

Loris is scheduled to play against Manchester United on Monday.

Loris joined the club in 2012 from Lyon and has now played 256 matches.

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