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Humiliating Defeat of Saudi Water Polo Make “Al-Sheikh” Outrages

Al Sheikh is angry at the humiliating loss

The defeat of the Saudi youth water polo team in front of his Egyptian counterpart angered the head of the Saudi General Authority for Sports, Turki Al-Sheikh, who vowed to hold the responsibility for the result.

Egypt’s water polo team won a landslide victory over Saudi Arabia 36-1 in the World Youth Cup in water polo, currently held in Hungary, in the qualifying centers from 13 to 20.

The game witnessed the registration of all the players of the Egyptian team for goals except goalkeepers Marwan Hafez and Mohamed Mohamed.

Egypt had lost their first game against Australia 11-7 and tied with South Africa 14-14.

“The result of the water polo team today is regrettable and the Kingdom does not represent a level or a result,” Turki Al-Sheikh said in a tweet on Twitter. “What happened will not pass, and the culprit will be held accountable, who represents the homeland must be at the level of responsibility.”

Al-Sheikh concluded his sarcastic mockery of his country’s team saying “I am afraid that you forget the goalkeeper but!”

Turki Al-Sheikh used to criticize Saudi players for every sports failure rather than hold officials accountable and provide psychological support to players to help them overcome defeats. He had attacked Saudi football players after a five-point loss to Russia at the opening of the World Cup, saying they had “turned a blind eye” to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, adding that there was not one Saudi player worth over one million riyals.


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