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In a week .. Julien Lopetegui Gets Rid of Eight Players in Madrid

Julien lopetegui coach of real madrid

The Spanish coach Julien lopetegui, who was replaced Zinedine Zidane in training of Real Madrid, has been assigned the task of implementing the new coach so that he has now reached the task of getting rid of the players in the list before the end of the transfer period.

lopetegui has a list of 27 players, including 5 goalkeepers, a huge number needed in the Real Madrid team, especially after signing with one of the best guards in the Belgian world, Tibo Courtois, with the presence of the brilliant Keilor Navas.

Julien Lobetigwe

Julien Lobetigwe

As the transfer window closes, the coach has to get rid of eight players within a 7-day period, all the time remaining before the transfer period ends.

lopetegui’s task is to get rid of the guards (André Loneen, Kiko Cassia, and Luca Zidane), as well as five players (Jesus Vallejo, Fabio Quintero, Marcos Yorenti, Borja Mayoral, and Veneto’s Junior).

André Lunin

Ukraine’s Andrei Lunen is eliminated in the lead, and newcomer Rayo Vallecano has shown interest in borrowing the young guard, who was chased by the Leganes club.

Kiko Cassia

Cassia is now at odds with Belgium’s Courtois and Navarro, and Sevilla and Legianis have shown interest in joining.

Luca Zidane

It seems that Zidane’s family withdraws one by one from the Madrid castle, and this young guard will move to Elche in the second division.

Fabio Quintero

The Portuguese became a nuisance to the Meringhi after spending two seasons outside the walls of Madrid, with Monaco last season and Sporting Lisbon last season, and certainly will not stay this season at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Jesus Vallejo

lopetegui was not convinced of the young Spanish defender’s performance, and his predecessor, Zidane, was not convinced. The player remained a prisoner for the bench all the time, despite his remarkable achievement at Eintracht Frankfurt last season.

Borja Mayoral

Alaves have shown interest in the young striker, but it is difficult to agree to his departure now that he has gained the confidence of lopetegui and emerged as an important reserve player for the Meringhi attack, with a goal against Milan during the Bernabeu.

Marcos Llorente

It was believed that Llorente was the first replacement of Casimiro in lopetegui’s mind, but the young man did not succeed in persuading the new coach. He used Sevilla to replace Casimiro during the Tallinn Cup and had no place in the squad during the opening of the Liga against Getafe. Espanyol Alves and Villarreal are interested in the player’s inclusion.

No one imagined that the talented Brazilian would become one of the players to be eliminated in Madrid’s squad for the season. The 18-year-old striker showed good performance during the friendly international champions’ Cup against Manchester United, Juventus and Roma, but he did not play in the Super Cup and the opening of the Liga. Who is close to the Madrid home, that Venisos will train with the team continuously, but he will play with the reserve team.

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