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Iranian Women Winning a Personal Victory Behind the World Cup

iranian women in world cup

Despite the Iranian team’s defeat from Spain 1-0 in the World Cup, Iranian women won a small victory on a personal level by being able to enter the main stadium in Tehran to watch the game, which was banned before.

Thousands of people who came to the stadium saw how the police kept the entrances closed and informed of the cancellation of the broadcast of the match from Azadi Stadium,

As in the first game between the Persian team and his Moroccan counterpart, which ended with the victory of Iran With a clean and murderous goal in time calculated rather than lost.

Finally, one hour before the start of the match against Spain, one of the organizers of the (Efi) confirmed that they solved the problems of permits and that the doors will be open to the public, which gave way to a great hustle by the audience.

The women were able to enter Azadi Stadium, carrying Iranian flags and faces painted in national colors, hoping to watch the matches live in the future and not only through a massive screen from inside the stadium.

“This is the first time I’m going to the Azadi Stadium, and I’m pleased, I feel there is freedom,” said Shereen Karami, a 29-year-old master student at Effi.

“we had no problem getting into the stadium, the ladies feel comfortable in the stadium,” Karami said, refuting some of the arguments used by Iranian conservatives to prevent them from entering the stadium.

Iranian authorities consider the alleged violence and hateful words of fans from the stadium to be disproportionate to women since they have competed with the 1979 Islamic revolution.

However, it is usual for some women to sneak into the playground wearing hats, wig or even false beards, despite the risk of being arrested and possibly being arrested if the police find out.

“I want this to continue, and we can watch the matches live from here,” said the student, who attended the stadium with her fiancé and two other friends.

The Iranians also went to Russia to support Tim Millie at the World Cup, but Iranian television generally banned their appearance in the return shots because they did not adhere to the dress according to Iranian Islamic regulations.

Human Rights Organizations such as HRWatch have urged Persian authorities to repeal the ban and end discrimination against women in the stadiums, and Iranians abroad have been calling for campaigns to prevent women from going to stadiums during sports competitions.

Two years ago, some parties in Iran allowed a limited presence of women in the stadiums, but it was very figurative, amidst a state of tension between the reformist sectors and the Islamic Republic.

In May, Iran’s moderate president, Hassan Rowhani, also asked whether “preventing women from going to sports events as interpreters were supportive of the image of Islam?”

“They say that women should not listen to the physical cheers of men on football fields, do our women have to pay for that,” Rouhani said.

According to Shirin Rezai, an administrator who attended Azadi Stadium with her husband and younger son, this opportunity “gave the woman self-confidence.”

“It was fantastic, nothing bad happened, everyone behaved with respect and the men and women watched football together,” he told EFI after the match ended in favor of Spain.

“If they allow women to watch football live, it will have a positive impact,” she said.

“It is a woman’s right to come and watch football and her national team,” he said.

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