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Is Coronavirus Helped, Muslim Players?

Muslim soccer stars face many problems with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan.

They are under great pressure from their clubs, To the extent that they are denied participation in some matches, When they insist on fasting, training, and playing while they are in this state.

And he presented the official website of the International Federation “ FIFA ”, A report in which he published the statements of some Muslim players, Many of whom are without training, Because of the house quarantine imposed on them with the spread of the new Coronavirus, and their patrols stopped.

The star of the Algerian national team said, Islam slemani on the issue of the effect of fasting on them:“ Fasting is a good factor in favor of players, And I don’t waste any days in recent years, I trained and played while I was fasting because this month is sacred to us. ”

He added: “The month of Ramadan came this time in the period of the spread of the Coronavirus, and it will not be an excuse for some players who did not fast, because they are unable to train and play matches while they are in this state.”

And the former Lebanese international, Youssef Mohamed, agreed with Slimani’s proposal, He added:“ Muslim players consider the stoppage of competitions a positive thing, Because this will allow them to fast the holy month without being overtaxed, squeezed matches, and training. ”

The French player, Wilfred Mwambi, admitted Inability to coordinate training while he was fasting in recent years, The opposite of this season, he stated: “Corona was positive for us because it allowed us to fast the month of Ramadan normally, unlike the last years in which we encountered preparations for the new season.”

He continued: “My family shares the fast this year, which allowed me to live wonderful times, by helping the poor during this holy period, which are the actions that I was unable to do in the past.”


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