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Italian Serie A: Return Approaching Despite Opposition

It is expected that the Italian Football League will obtain the government green light Thursday to resume its pending competitions since last March due to the Coronavirus, due to the great optimism in the Italian sports newspapers that confirmed that the agreement has reached its last levels, and the decision will be issued soon.

Despite all these positive signs of the return of the Italian League, some opposition voices still hope that the football season that stopped two months ago and more due to the massive outbreak of Corona in Italy will not resume. After taking responsibility for weeks, the league’s wheel appears set to turn again, especially in light of the decline in the number of deaths in the country that were most affected by the virus globally.

League clubs voted to return the tournament on June 13, at a date that still requires the approval of the government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, especially in light of reports that the latter banned all sports activities, even without an audience, until June 14. However, this return still faces objections from officials and players.

Brescia team leader Danieli Gastaldillo summed up the appeals efforts as “crossing by force”, in comments he made to Radio Radio, commenting on the desire to return around mid-June, at a time when the Brescia team is ranked 20th League and is trying to save his season in order to stay between the first-class clubs and to avoid relegation to the second-degree clubs.

While many believe that the position of the team opposing the completion of the league is due to its desire to avoid relegation, the club found itself amid the effects of the “Coronavirus”, where its headquarters is located in a city that was most affected by the virus, especially as it is located in the northern province of Lombardy.

The head of the Brescia team, Massimo Cellino, who had contracted the virus earlier, indicated that he was a fan of canceling the football season because of the crisis, and he was the man who described the virus as a plague. As for the head of the Turin team, Urbano Cairo, although his position was not as strong as that of Cilino, he considered that the completion of the current season is not a priority.

“I acquiesce in the majority option to return, but I am puzzled about the players who face the risk of a physical injury, especially in light of the short time that will be available for rest between the end of this season and the beginning of next season,” Cairo said in comments circulated by Italian sports newspapers.

On the other hand, many coaches and players in various championships warned of the risk of physical injuries to players in the event of a rush to return to the stadiums, after weeks of absence from exercises. In Italy, for example, the injury to veteran Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic during the exercises was a wake-up call to what might be the case for many.

The Italian team coach, Roberto Mancini, considered that approaching things at the moment is like a “mess. If I have to speak only from my position as a coach, I prefer that the whole league be stopped in order to start quietly next season.”

The Italian coach added that if the league is completed, and given the desire to finish the season by the end of July, “there will be intense pressure for the matches, and I do not know what the players will be like,” especially with the 11 stages of this season remaining in the league, and added In addition, the postponed matches were postponed at the beginning of the outbreak of the “Coruna” virus.

alternative plan
The head of the players ’association, Damiano Tommasi, warned against rushing back, saying that the professionals need at least four weeks of intense exercises, before competing. Clubs returned to individual exercises at their headquarters starting in the fourth of the month of May, and the group two weeks later, in preparation for a possible appeal.

In light of this crisis, the Italian Olympic Committee President Giovanni Malago remained somewhat away from the front of the discussions but stressed that football should prepare “Plan B”, that is, what it will do if the season is not available, as happened in other sports. At a time when Italy has so far registered about 32 thousand declared deaths due to the virus.

These numbers were one of the reasons why three Italians refused to resume the season, according to a survey published on April 26. Although no similar polls have been published since then, some sports media have expressed their opposition to returning.

“What has befallen football? The league championship has been laughable,” wrote the Roma newspaper, “Il Romanista”. As for the major sports newspapers, they expressed divided positions, between the welcome of the newspaper “Corriere Dello Sport” and the warning “Gazeta Dello Sport” owned by the president of Torino Urbano Cairo club. As for the fans ’ties, many of them sent a clear message rejecting matches without an audience.


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