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It’s Nonsense to Use your Head to Control football?

Dr. Benat Omallo launched serious warnings about the danger to football players because of vertical strikes and called for restricting the use of vertical balls and preventing them in the smaller groups.

Dr. O’Malo is studying the impact of vertical strikes on the future of professional players and has discovered “Chronic Encephalopathy” that affects a number of players because of vertical strikes.

“It’s nonsense to use your head to control a very fast-moving body,” O’Malley told the BBC. “I think we should restrict the use of vertical blows in football because it’s dangerous.”

He called for the prevention of vertical strikes on players under the age of 18, because this group is at greater risk from these strikes.

An investigation into the death of former England international Geoff Astell showed that the player had died of a head injury caused by a vertical ball. The player, who died in 2004, suffered from Alzheimer’s for 10 years after a 16-year career.

Concerns about the impact of vertical strikes on the players’ future have increased after studies involving other sports.

One study showed that about 96 percent of former US football players died with “Neurodevelopmental complications”.

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