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Jose Mourinho… Is He Outdated!?

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho

“That question does not make sense, obviously winning is the basis, I hate losing as a player and as a coach. If you ask any sane person, he will tell you that victory is the most important,

An old “Quote” of Jose Mourinho’s comments in response to media claims in the English Premier League game in 2015. Almost three years later, Jose changed a lot, demanding respect from everyone after losing with Tottenham at home and at Old Trafford.

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho

Manchester United Coach

The Portuguese have been condemned despite his nose, because he put everything in the hands of the results, which I previously described, and missed him recently, whether during his second term with Chelsea, or with United at the moment.

In Mourinho’s book “Private Man”, journalist Diego Torres spoke of the seven most important points Mourinho was interested in to win the matches:

1 – The match is won by the team with the least number of mistakes.

2 – The ball wins the team that makes mistakes in the area of the opposing team and not in his area.

3 – Off the pitch Instead of talking positively about the opponent’s strengths, it is best to focus on his mistakes.

4 – Anyone who has a ball is likely to make a mistake, either by scrolling or losing.

5 – Anyone who avoids possession of the ball reduces the possibility of making a mistake.

6 – Who has the ball has a sense of fear.

7 – Whoever does not, is the strongest.

Jose Mourinho is a good reader of the future, he does not know the unseen and does not know how to stop, but he is really good at predicting his opponent, Vitor Baia confirms these words with an important statement, conveyed by Jonathan Weseloh in an old article. “I remember very well an incident against Benfica, who always promised us that after scoring a goal in their nets, he told us that we would be registered first, and their coach, Jose Antonio Camacho, would make some changes and play a different tactic. We knew their steps before they took them on the pitch. ”

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho

The first years in Madrid, Mourinho was a technical and tactical freak, away from his media wars and psychological exhaustion, which made him move the game from the stadium to the bench and set himself up as one of the most famous stars “Superstar”, who compete with the big players on advertising campaigns and commercial contracts, but the post 2012 is radically different than before, Mourinho has clearly changed, not that private man or even happy, both at the training level, or even at the level of ” Mind Games “of which he made a record.

The coach is like the player, he must not stop at a certain point, Messi with all his talent, training daily to modify his “Defects”, he became the best free kicker, Ronaldo also with his age and lack of movement, As these players do, managers must develop their ideas. It’s not the style, the closest to the red line, but the rules, the plans and the strategy of play, which Mourinho lacks.

It is not about his defensive plan, on the contrary defense of choice as the stars, and must be respected from the point that the end justifies the means. The coach is not required to play in an offensive style that does not suit him, and he does not open his lines during the apostates.

But he also has to think day and night about how to develop his abilities, adjust his ideas and develop them because of the emergence of new strategies. Mourinho’s backers are no longer the foundation, there is the opposite pressure of Club, and the style of reducing the blanks without Simeoni’s ball, to pull the rug out of defense under Mourinho’s feet, preceded by a step but steps in the world of defense tactics.

Mourinho, like an old phone in the modern era of sophisticated phones, stop by time to a certain extent, so it was a bit delayed in planning and tactical compared to others, but the last problem that he began to lose luster also in the world of press conferences, as a result of contradictions in some statements, Because of his three Primera Liga championships,

Although no one respected him when he won, and the evidence from Wenger, Ranieri, Conte, Clop, and Guardiola at various times, the Portuguese fell into the trap of modern football and exaggerated extremism, through sharp opinions left and right, and linked everything to the result, the winner in the sky Loser under the seventh land, it is the dilemma that the coach himself previously marketed, to drink from the same cup bitter now.

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