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Juventus Player Reveals his Secretly Serious illness!

juventus player Federico Bernardeschi

Juventus player Federico Bernardeschi surprised everyone when he revealed his suffering with heart problems especially when he was a teenager.

The doctors told him that they were not sure whether he could continue his career in football or not.

The 24-year-old Italian player spoke to the Italian press, saying he had been diagnosed with heart problems when he was a young boy, strangely when he was signing with Fiorentina.

“When I was 16 years old, I was about to join Fiorentina youth, and during the routine physical examination, the medical team discovered a medical problem for me,” Federico Bernardeschi said, The doctors told me they did not know if I could play football again, I could not believe it! “He added.

“I had to stop playing for six months, and that was the most difficult six months of my life. I lived alone in Florence and did not know what to do … but in the end, with some dietary changes, I managed to overcome the problem.”

Bernardeschi stressed that the ordeal he was subjected to was a reason to increase consciousness, and it was a motive to deliver successes,

the player who has played in 11 games in all competitions with Juventus so far. says “This is a moment that has certainly made me more aware of what I’ve been through, which makes me want to enjoy more success,”.


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