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Karim Benzema kidnapping case


Karim Benzema Accused of Kidnapping for a 50.000 Euro

A French press report said that Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema was in danger of being prosecuted for involvement in a kidnapping crime.

Mediapart website published a report on Thursday confirming that Leo D’Souza, who had earlier served as Benzema’s agent, had launched a case of attempted kidnapping and detention.

The website said that D’Souza accused a number of elements close to the French attacker involved in the crime.

The prosecution opened an investigation in the case on October 9.

Leo D’Souza said that the attack was due to a financial dispute with Karim Benzema, the player was demanding the return of 50,000 euros seized by the Moroccan authorities when the agent tries to smuggle it from the Moroccan city Marrakech to Spain.

After he lost the money, He received a phone call on 7 July from a shared friend with Benzema, who asked him to come to a bar in Paris.

When he arrived at the scene, a black vehicle stopped in front of him and the named “Smaine”, a close friend of Benzema, came down with others.

Smaine asks D’Souza to ride the car and grabbed him in an attempt to force him to ride, But the bartender’s intervention and their demand for Smaine to leave pushed him off the area.

Although preliminary investigations showed that Benzema was not present at the scene, but also exposed that two of the suspects were heading after the incident to a hotel in Paris where the Frenchman was staying that night.

The new case comes years after Benzema was accused of co-extorting former teammate Mathieu Valbuena, a case that caused him to be exiled from the French team.

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