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Kobe Bryant was Associated with Barcelona

The late American basketball legend Kobe Bryant was known for his passion for soccer, and specifically for the Barcelona and Milan teams, but it is not known that he was one of the first discoverers of Lionel Messi’s magical talent before the world knew it.

Bryant, who died last night at the age of 41 in a helicopter crash, revealed in a previous press interview about his relationship with Messi and how he got to know him.

“Several years ago the Barca team came to Los Angeles for a preparatory camp for the season, I was talking to Ronaldinho who is a close friend of mine, and he told me (now I will present you a player who will be The best of all time). ”

“I told Ronaldinho … (What? But you are the best at all),” Bryant said. “No, no. This boy will be the best. This boy Messi is 17 years old.” Then he watched him closely and was dazzled by his skills.

After that, Kobe’s relationship with Messi was strengthened, and they appeared together in popular advertising campaigns, as the giant basketball star in Marsa Barca visited on some occasions.

Messi wrote to Bryant on his accounts on the Internet, saying, “I cannot find words, all consolation to the Cuban family and friends, it was an honor for me to meet him and share good moments with him, a genius left from us, there are few like him.” Saying, “Rest in peace, my friend.”


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