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VIDEO: “LaMelo Ball” Expulsion after Inappropriate Behaviour

Los Angeles Ballers player LaMelo Ball

The professional basketball player, LaMelo Ball, made an immoral move during an international match when he directed a strong slap on the face of his opponent player in the Lithuanian team Alytaus Dzukija.

In the third quarter of the match, LaMelo was prevented from putting the ball on the basket by the opponent attacker, Mindaugas Susinskas, who put his hand on the back of the head of LaMelo Ball.

And the American player responded violently with a very strong slap on the face of Susinskas to erupt a strong argument and the players of the two teams intervened to resolve the dispute.

The referee expels LaMelo to the bench. And appeared later in the shots sitting and apparently felt his big mistake in slapping the Lithuanian player.

The Monday match was the second leg of an international round of 28 NFL matches, and another match is scheduled to be held in Lithuania tomorrow, 4 October.

Paul on the bench after the expulsion …


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