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Liverpool Star Cleans Mosque Baths in Britain

Football stars spend their spare time playing with their families or running their own businesses, some of them businessmen, but the Senegalese striker and the Liverpool player, Sadio Mane, had another opinion.

A video posted on Twitter And republished via TheBuzzSports showed Senegalese captain and English Reds striker cleaning up a mosque in Liverpool.

The Reds striker Sadio Mane grabbed the water hose, took a bucket and put on cleaning powders, to clean up the toilet with one of them, as well as the ablution area.

The video recording of the Senegalese player Sadio Mane was welcomed by Twitter social networking leaders, who expressed their happiness to watch their favourite star not interested in his starry and celebrity, and clean the bathroom of the mosque where he is praying.

The 26-year-old Liverpool star, Sadio Mane, is famous for celebrating his goals against his opponents, along with fellow Egyptian Mohamed Salah, who are worshipping God for their success.

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