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Louis Camilleri


Ferrari is Optimistic About the New Designs

Ferrari boss Louis Camilleri is optimistic that an agreement will be reached on the new designs of Formula One cars to be replaced in 2021 instead of current designs.

The technical director of the World Championship Ross Brown announced last week plans for future changes in car designs starting in the season of 2021,

It aims mainly to adopt new streamlined designs that provide added fun in racing and attract fans.

“I am reasonably optimistic (to reach) an agreement in an acceptable period of time,” Camilleri said in remarks at the Italian manufacturer’s headquarters in Maranello.

“There is a general consensus on the basic goals, but the ideas on how to achieve them are radically different … We have made some progress, but we are still far from a comprehensive agreement acceptable to all participants,” he said.

Brown, who worked for Formula One between 1997 and 2006, said he was in contact with teams and the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to develop aerodynamics that allows first-class cars to come closer to each other during races, without affecting it. On their performance.

Brown pointed out that there are three general designs and that cars starting in 2021 will enjoy the best features offered by each of these designs.

The new proposals include the adoption of a simpler design for the front and rear wings and the modification of the driver’s head protection system (Hailo).

Louis Camilleri took over Ferrari in July, replacing Sergio Marchionne, who quit the job a few days before his death.

The Liberty Media Group, which has become the owner of rights to the world championship starting in the season of 2017, to make comprehensive adjustments in the sport of the first category, in an effort to attract new fans and re-excitement and competition to the races, which declined in follow-up in the past years.

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