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former player Luciano Spalletti


Luciano Spalletti Before Facing Barcelona: I’m Not Mourinho

The football fans remember the epic match between Barcelona and Inter Milan in the Champions League semi-final of 2010 when Jose Mourinho turned to the tight defense to close the gates on the Golden Generation of Barcelona, with the ingenuity on the counter-attacks.

inter Milan defeated Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the final with Mourinho, but current coach Luciano Spalletti refuses to repeat the same strategy when he hosts Barcelona on Tuesday in San Siro.

“I do not think we can apply the same Mourinho’s technique in 2010, We are taking the right path now with high-pressure, and good tactics to get the ball in a good place,”¬†Spalletti said

“If we do not push, Barcelona will push us back and forth.,” he added.

Despite Spalletti’s offensive approach, Inter failed to threaten Barcelona at home and lost 2-0 without Messi, who will be present in tomorrow’s meeting after the recovery.

“Barcelona have a winning mentality and Messi is the cherry ball that adorns the cake,” Spalletti said. “We have to have the same mentality if we want to win.”


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