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Maradona is the New Coach of the Drug City Team

Dorados team

Argentine football legend Diego Maradona and the new coach of Dorados team, said that he made many mistakes in his personal and football career.

Maradona, 57, did not stop at this point, but went even further to talk about his addiction to drugs and steroids and talk about helping his daughters to get rid of addiction, stressing that drug abuse was returning him while the role of football player to be role models for young people and helps the community to Progress forward.

Beautiful words from the star who took over the role of coach Dorados from the Mexican second division and played with him on Monday, but it is remarkable that this team from Sinaloa, which includes the largest drug dealers and the most influential in Mexico.

Will Maradona continue to take off drug addiction, or is this mandate temptations that the legend cannot resist?

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