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Marc Márquez Crowned with the Aragon Prize

Marc Márquez Crowned with the Aragon Prize

Honda Racer, Marc Márquez, was crowned first in the category of “Moto GP ” by the Spanish Grand Aragon Prize race, The 14th stage of the World Motorcycle Championship, And approaching to the fifth title in his career.

After a fierce competition with Andrea Dovizioso, Márquez won first place to recall their exciting struggle in the last stage of last season, when the Spanish excelled and the title was resolved for his own good.

Dovizioso kept the fore 13 laps, But the Márquez snatched it from him for a short time in the 14th and 15th laps, before imposing himself on the 20th lap, before three laps from the end and scoring first, cutting the distance of the race (116,771 km) with a time of 41:55.949 minutes, a difference of 0.648 seconds from Deauville and 1.259 seconds from Janoni.

Five stages before the end of the season, the Catalonian rider departs by 72 points from the closest pursuers of the Italian rider Andrea Dovizioso.

Where Marc Márquez has the opportunity to resolve the title after two stages, specifically in Japan, where it is sufficient to Excel by 75 points for the Italian competition for the coronation on 21 October.

And what enhances the fortunes of the Márquez is that he ascended to the podium in the last seven races, including 3 victories.


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