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Sarri Admits: I knew My Dismissal From Napoli via TV!

Italian coach Maurizio Sarri

Italian coach Maurizio Sarri has revealed to Chelsea how he was fired from Napoli last June.

Sarri said he did not know of his dismissal from the club and the club president did not tell him to leave. As I know by the masses by hearing the news and watching it on television and in the newspapers.

“What really happened was shocking to me,” Sarri told Italian DILLO AL MATTINO. “I did not know anything about the news of my dismissal from the Napoli training except through the news that was broadcast on television as if I were one of the fans.”

“In Napoli, I had some doubts, that’s true, but there was an item in the contract, and this item I did not ask. My wishes not respected in timing. Today, I hope that Carlo Ancelotti will arrive at what I have come close to, namely the realization of the rings that we competed with vigorously throughout the three years I spent there in Sao Paulo. ”

Despite the statements made by the president of Napoli de Laurentiis that he gave Sarri everything during the period in which he took over the leadership of the team.

And did not achieve any tournaments in spite of all this, but Mauricio Sarri did not respond to statements directed against De Laurentiis but said he was grateful to him for the opportunity to supervise the team For 3 years.

Sarri’s journey to Napoli began in 2015, but the decision to Appointed him as a coach for the “poor of the south” was not appreciated by a São Paulo crowd because he did not have any successful level that the fans had hoped for.

Three major seasons have come close to reaching the Calcio title that was absent from the vaults of Napoli since 1990 and breaking Juventus dominance since the 2012 season and no one has been able to finish it.

De Lorenz said the situation needs to be changed at the moment by looking for a more experienced coach like Carlo Ancelotti, the man who has had several successful tests with AC Milan in Italy. Chelsea in England and Paris Saint-Germain in France and Real Madrid in Spain.

coach Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri

His experience with Bayern Munich has not been a success, but it is his historic career that has made De Laurents the right man to win the championship.

After his dismissal from the Napoli training, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was quick to hire him to succeed his other compatriot Antonio Conte after a short trip that lasted for more than two years for Conti at Stamford Bridge because of the problems he faced with the Blues management.

He has to deal with the transfer market in the form claimed by Conte, to find Antonio a haven in that to suspend his failure to cooperate by the administration, which does not provide him with his needs, he said, it was only to end the dismissal, and then the contract with Mauricio Sarri who Walking fast Or fixed since the beginning of the season so far, and offers a form of football not used to see him at Chelsea in recent years, something that well received by fans of the blues, especially as it mixed came positive results were the details of four consecutive victories and achieving 12 points out of 12 possible.

The state of mutual acceptance between Maurizio Sarri, the players, and the fans has helped Mauricio’s less complicated style in contrast to Conte’s strict instructions and dry handling, which makes the team feel a bit more comfortable and free than in previous seasons.

The 59-year-old Maurizio Sarri is a supporter of the attacking ball, preferring everything in his life, and sees no reason to play in a boring defensive manner that kills the matches. In a previous statement, Sarri declared explicitly that if he finds himself forced to abandon his style Which he used to apply with all the teams he supervised, he would then prefer to retire from training and leave football in general and return to his previous job at the bank as a financial officer.

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