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McGregor Returns to the World of MMA with a Knockout

Irish Conor McGregor made a triumphant return to the mixed martial arts arena Sunday morning in Las Vegas, by toppling his American rival Donald Cerrone with a knockout just 40 seconds from the start.

This was the first time that McGregor, 31, had returned to the mixed martial arts circuit of the USFC-based “UFC” championship, since losing to his Russian opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018.

It seemed that the Irish had not lost any of the capabilities that made him one of the most prominent names in mixed martial arts, and he managed to crush his nickname “Cowboy” (36-year-old cow) with a powerful blow before the first minute of their confrontation in the T-Mobile Arena. “.

McGregor hit his opponent with the left shoulder, causing bleeding from the nose. As the American attempted to retreat, the Irish hurriedly hit him with a high footstep, which led to his fall to the ground, so MacGregor continued to punch, prompting the referee, Herb Dean, to intervene and stop the fight, declaring the Irish victory.



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