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Mercedes Reveals Ferrari’s Deceit in the Italian Race

Mercedes team

Toto Wolf, manager of the Mercedes team, responded to claims that his opponent had cheated Ferrari on the sidelines of the 2008 Grand Prix at the Formula One World Championship.

Toto Wolf said the Mercedes team did not engage in any tricks to outdo Ferrari and its rivals during the Grand Prix of Italy.

Mercedes’s mechanical team went out into the barn area while Italy’s Kimi Raikkonen headed for a crucial stop, but Hamilton did not go to the line to stop. Ferrari accused his opponent that his crew had come out to slow Raikkonen.

“There was a real chance for Hamilton to make a stop, it was not a blind stop, and we did not engage in any scenarios to deceive anybody,” Wolf said.

“I certainly saw several different scenarios for what could have happened during the race. I was in constant contact with Verki. I was wondering if they would call me before Raikkonen in one lap so that I could go out in front of him, but this did not happen”. he added

The rules of Formula 1 stipulate that team teams are not entitled to go to the line of pens unless their team car is in the direction of the stop.

“The FIA is refusing to interfere in these matters. It is following this approach,” Charlie Whiting responded

“All of this is part of the game,” he said. “We do not prefer to park the teams at the line of pens if they do not have maintenance, but if they go out if they do a stop if they do it every roll, then we have something to talk about,” Charlie added

“Maybe they were thinking of a stop-work, and then they changed their minds, and as long as neither of them did anything clearly wrong, we will not make any interference in this matter.”

“It would have been more serious to make sure that what happened was to disrupt and disrupt their rival, in which case the crisis would have considered,” he said.

World champion Lewis Hamilton took Sunday to win the Italian Grand Prix at the 14th Formula One World Championship after finishing third behind Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen and German Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton extended the lead in the overall standings from 17 to 30 points, with his direct rival Vettel finishing fourth behind Raikkonen II and fellow Hamilton of Finland Valtteri Potas III. Vettel dropped after early contact with Hamilton, did not prevent the achievement of the last victory of his fifth career at the Arena Monza, equivalent to the number of Ferrari legend German Michael Schumacher.

Vettel accused rival Hamilton of not allowing enough space for him on the fourth lap during the first lap of the Italian Grand Prix, causing their collision and the German down to 18th place.

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