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Messi Shock Real Madrid Because of Ronaldo’s Departure

Barcelona legend Lionel Messi has spoken of the chances of Real Madrid in the competition this season, especially after Ronaldo’s Departure and his transfer to Juventus this summer.

Messi said Real Madrid had become less powerful than before after Ronaldo’s departure, which had negatively affected the technical level of the Royal Club and confirmed that he was surprised by the departure of the player to the ranks of the Bianconeri.

Barcelona legend Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

“Real Madrid is one of the best clubs in the world and a very strong team, but it is clear that Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure made them less powerful and made Juventus a great candidate for the Champions League,” Messi said.

“I was surprised by Ronaldo’s departure from Real Madrid. I never imagined that he would leave the royal castle and I did not imagine his move to Juventus,” he added. “There are many big clubs that wish a player like him.”

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“There are a lot of clubs that have a lot of resources to bring in outstanding players and there are clubs that have a lot of money and they will tempt players to move to those clubs.”

“Everyone wanted to move to Real Madrid or Barcelona a while ago because they were the strongest, but then things changed quite now and now the differences are small between clubs such as Manchester City, Paris St Germain, Bayern Munich and Italian clubs as well.

“Everyone has his own message,” he said. “It’s his decision and we have to think about what we have contracted with him and the goals to be achieved in the season.”

“I have everything here. I came to Barcelona and I was 13 years old. He is the best team in the world and the city is great. My children were born in Catalunya and I do not feel the need to go anywhere else.”

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“We often talk at home or with our colleagues about what we should do. I do not know what I will do or where my final destination will be. I think I can play for years and when the decisive moment comes I will decide.”

“Barca can be better if they bring good players and I have special contracts. I want to finish my current contract and then we will see what happens. I do not know whether I will continue or not. I am not worried about that,” he said of Barcelona’s position after his retirement.

“The whole idea is to stay in Barcelona. My family feels stable here and big changes can be reflected negatively and can be complicated,” he concluded.

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