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Messi Leads Barcelona to hits PSV Eindhoven

Barcelona beat PSV Eindhoven

Argentina’s Lionel Messi led Barcelona to a 4-1 win at home to Eindhoven on Tuesday in the first round of the Champions League, which also saw Inter Milan win 2-1 at Tottenham Hotspur.

Messi scored three goals (hat-trick) in the minutes 32, 77 and 87, while Ousmane Dembele scored a goal in the 75th minute.

The hat trick is the eighth for Messi in the UEFA Champions League, and he has lifted his goal in the Champions League throughout his history to 103 goals.

Barcelona finished the match with 10 men after Samuel Emmett received the second yellow card and then red in the 79th minute.

The two teams have met six times in European tournaments, with Barcelona winning two games and losing a match and three matches.

PSV Eindhoven qualified for the group stage after beating Belarusian Patty Borisov 6-2 in the total of the playoffs.

In the two matches, Barcelona is three points clear on goal difference with second-placed Inter Milan, who have three points each while Tottenham is third with no points on goal difference to PSV Eindhoven.

This is the 101st goal of the 31-year-old Argentine at the Champions League, since his debut with the Catalan club in the 2005-06 season, which began his historic career in the oldest club competition in Europe.

While Messi is keen to boost his goal-scoring streak as he struggles to catch up with Cristiano Ronaldo, the 33-year-old striker, and star of Juventus, the world’s top scorer with 120 goals. His career.

Lionel Messi launched a strong statement early in the season 2018-19, confirming that winning the Champions League is the first goal of the Club of Catalonia this season after failing to crown him since the 2014-15 season, and the success of the traditional rival Real Madrid to win The title of the last three seasons Tulia.

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