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Mesut Özil And Unai Emery


Mesut Özil And Unai Emery

About 6 months after his dismissal and departure from Arsenal, former England coach Unai Emery criticized the artillery superstar Mesut Özil, citing “negative aspects” in his character.

“I talked a lot with Özil. He must criticize himself as well, and analyze his position and commitment,” Emery said in comments to the British newspaper “The Guardian” about his tense relationship with the German player while they were in Arsenal“.

He continued: “With all my strength I tried to help Ozil. Throughout my career, talented players have reached me to the best level. I have always been positive and want him to play and be involved. In the pre-season I told him that I wanted to help restore the best Ozil. I wanted a high level of participation and commitment in the dressing room. I used to respect him and I think he can help. ”

“He could have been a leader, but the changing room did not want him to be. This is not what I decided, this is what the players decided. The leaders are the ones who should continue to defend the club, the coach and their teammates,” the Spanish coach added.

On the other hand, Emery expressed his dissatisfaction with the transfer of Nicolas Pépé to Arsenal, noting that he wanted to obtain the services of Wilfried Zaha, the striker of the Crystal Palace at the time.

The coach added: “I told them this is the player I want because I know him well.”

He continued: “I met the Crystal Palace striker Wilfred Zaha, who wanted to move to Arsenal, but the administration saw that the French club striker Nicolas Pépé is a contract for the future, and I agreed with them, but I wanted to win, and I thought that Zaha would contribute to that, and in the end, he did not join To our team. ”

“I know that the deal was very expensive and Crystal Palace was opposed selling it from the ground up, and there were a series of decisions that caused repercussions,” said Emery, who is not currently working.


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