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Mohamed’s Popularity is Increasing in Spain

Celta Vigo coach Antonio mohamed

The name “Mohamed” has become more active and widespread in the Spanish football fans and the media this season, and gained popularity, especially in the city, “Vigo“.

This is due to the continued success of coach Antonio Mohamed, the coach of Celta Vigo beloved, who made a breakthrough in his first season with the team, with two wins and draw in the first three rounds in the Liga.

Journalists and fans call this coach known for his extreme zeal for “Mohamed” and his nickname “Turkey”, He actually has an Argentine nationality and was born in Buenos Aires in 1970, but comes from an Arab family that migrated to the Latino country.

Mohamed insisted on keeping his name despite changing his pronunciation in Spanish to “Maumad” and correcting his name always for the press, although this name causes him problems, especially when traveling to the United States as he admitted himself.

Mohamed was known for his cheerful personality when he was a player in the Mexican team Toros Nizza. He used innovative and fun tricks before the matches when taking photographs, such as putting a wig on his head or wearing masks, dyeing his hair in a strange color or wearing a hat. He was the first player in Mexico to wear Shoe color not black.

Thanks to his leadership and immense popularity in the team, the crowd raised the banner “All of us Mohamed” in the stands. He retained this character as he went to work as a coach. He was also a personal friend of Atletico’s current coach, Diego Simone, and managed to beat his friend in this season’s match.

Despite his enthusiasm and temperament at times on the court, Mohamed is characterized by a sensitive and emotional personality, especially after being influenced by the death of his son, Farid. The players are usually asked to remember his late son and pray for him, especially after the victories.

Mohamed, who has won the best start of the league with Celta 15 years ago, has quickly gained the respect of Spain and has given Atletico Simeone his first defeat this season. Fans hope to lead them to the dream of qualifying for the Champions League.


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