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Nadal ritual before every game

Tennis player Rafael Nadal

“When I enter the stadium, I sit on the seat, take one sip from the water bottle, and then the other. I always repeat this at every break until the meeting ends. Then I put the two beside my feet in front of the seat on my left, On the side of the pitch. ”

In this way, Spanish star Rafael Nadal is always preparing for his games, not caring how some think that they are all superstitions, but that he is essential to enter the atmosphere of the meeting,

Moreover, to get used to his surroundings, he always looks at the stands only to see a member of his family, Not smiling at them, just trying to bring peace to himself and concentrate more.

In the first set at the 2018 Flushing Meadows, Nadal found himself late with Austrian Dominique Theim. Nadal was unable to contain his opponent and was delayed six games without charge.

Everyone thought that things were running out of his hand and that he would be the last Grand Slam of the season, defending his title after the 2017 crown.

spanish player Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

However, the Spanish Matador restored his balance and managed to balance the cuff and achieve victory in the end after the game lasted more than four hours, where the two sides of the strikes so that the break-off could settle things permanently.

Perhaps Nadal’s preparations before each match, such as showering with cold water and listening to music, always help him to come back in time. There is nothing harder than being delayed at the Grand Slam Championship and losing six consecutive games, and Your opponent broke your send three times.

Nadal, the world number one, dreams of an achievement he has only previously achieved in Roland Garros on the dirt courts, which he owns.

Throughout Nadal’s career, he failed to win two Grand Slam titles, winning the Australian Open once in 2009, while in Wimbledon he won in 2008 and 2010.

We have reached the Open America, which won the Spanish title in 2010 and 2013 to add to 2017, and today it is close to the dream of winning the second title in a row to repeat what he did in France Open.

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