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Arkadiusz Milik was Force Robbed


Napoli Star Milik “Force Robbed” by the Mafia

The city of Naples is famous for the enthusiasm and loyalty of its citizens when they support their team in the stands of the stadium “San Paolo” and when celebrating the victories in the streets of the southern city,

But it also famous for the incidents of Mafia forced robbery, which was happened to many popular players before.

The city celebrated last night with a 1-0 victory over Liverpool in the Champions League, but Polish striker Arkadiusz Milik spent a terrifying night after being robbed with the threat of weapon after leaving the stadium.

Two people on a motorcycle intercepted Milik’s way and forced him to stop his car and stole a precious Rolex watch worth 20,000 euros when he was heading home, Napolitano Matino newspaper reported.

Naples police opened an investigation into the incident, which happened at 2 am. Arkadiusz Milik was Force Robbed last night after the Liverpool match from the Mafia, And this is what happened to him said that one of the suspects threatened him with a pistol and escaped after getting my watch.

These incidents are repeated against the players of Napoli in particular, the former top scorer Edinson Cavani has been robbed during a match also, and insecurity was the reason for his leaving to Paris Saint-Germain.

Even Argentine legend Diego Maradona Threatened from the mafia gangs. Which make it difficult for him to return to the city despite the appearance of his image in the stands until today including the latest match with Liverpool.

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