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Nasser Al Attiyah Crowned Kuwait International Rally

Kuwait International Rally

Qatar’s champion Nasser Al Attiyah crowned his seventh title and fifth in a row in the 25th edition Kuwait International Rally, scoring his 68th victory in the Middle East Rally Championship.

Al-Attiyah became the record holder with the number of times to win the regional championship, surpassing UAE driver Mohammed Bin Sulayem, according to the official of the International Federation of l’Automobile (FIA), Jerome Russell.

In 1989, Emirati driver Mohammed Bin Sulayem won one of three races in Kuwait and won second place in Qatar Rally behind Qatari driver Said Al Hajri and Dubai behind the late driver Bjorn Waldegard.

The rules of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), stipulate that two-thirds of the season (66.6%), to be considered a full season. And with that Bin Sulayem is considered the winner of 13 titles.

209 rounds of the Middle East Rally Championship (MIRC) have been held since it was officially launched in 1984. Bin Sulayem won 60 of the 103 rounds, while Qatari driver Nasser Al Attiyah win in 68 rounds, out of 106 rounds participated between 2003 and 2018.

Frenchman navigator Matthew Bommel, took his third consecutive title in the Middle East navigators championships, and his 17th win, leading John Spiel to third place in the gold record behind Britons Ronan Morgan, Chris Patterson, and Italian Giovanni Bernacchini.

Al-Attiyah said after the race: “It wonderful, to me and to the entire team, and that is the result of another excellent season. Breaking another record makes me happy, accompanied by many memories during this period, many battles with some wonderful drivers, and now we can look forward to the future, and progress towards registering more records. ”

It is noteworthy that the The second, Kuwaiti driver, Meshari Al-Dhafiri, started with the Qatari navigator Nasser Al-Kuwari, the second stage of the general arrangement, and drove cautiously, in order to guarantee his fourth title in the second category of the Championship “MIRC 2 “, formerly known as the Group “N”.

The Lebanese driver, Henry Cowie, and the navigator of Jordan Musa Jadrian, also succeeded in winning the third category of the Championship “MIRC 3”, which is for front-wheel drive, on the car Skoda Fabia, the second consecutive title in this category to Moses as a sailor.


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