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New Corruption Scandal In the African Cup Qualifiers

African Cup of Football

The bribery scandals have returned to the top of the African football scene after two officials from the Rwandan Football Federation were arrested on charges of bribing the referee for the match against Rwanda in the final of the 2019 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

According to Rwandan media sources, the Rwandan investigation center, suspended this week, Frunsoa Iwaiso, General Secretary of the Rwandan Football Federation, and the director of competitions in the Union, Irid Ewamheriza,

On charges of providing financial bribes to the Namibian referee Jackson Pafza, who ran the match that brought together the two teams, last Sunday, in Rwanda, Kigali.

The Namibian referee has contacted the African Football Confederation (CAF) and has revealed all attempts and inducements to influence the outcome of the match against Rwanda in Cote d’Ivoire.

“They put important money in a closed envelope, I did not know what money they were in, but I told them I did not accept gifts from anyone,” the Namibian judge said in the same correspondence.

“We have paid only $ 247 for the referee and his three assistants, as stipulated by the laws of the African Union,” he said in a communiqué.

However, the referee insists that there was extra money in an attempt to lure him, which he rejected. The match ended in favor of the Ivorian team with two goals against one goal.

It is expected that the Continental Union will issue heavy penalties against the members of the Rwandan Union if the country’s Bureau of Investigation proves the involvement of those responsible in the scandal.

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