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New Zealand Women’s Forced Andreas Heraf to Resign

Andreas Heraf

Austrian coach Andreas Heraf was a special player in New Zealand football and the year 2017, and he had two critical positions. But now he has been forced to resign and has confirmed his full readiness to cooperate with an independent commission of inquiry.

After intense protests by women’s footballers, the New Zealand Football Federation announced the resignation of Austrian coach Andreas Kirov, 50, from the team’s technical director.

In August 2017, he began working as a New Zealand football manager, and in November of the same year he also took over the women’s football team in New Zealand.

On June, 13 New Zealand players complained to the coach in a public address because of his handling of them and weak tactics in the team, according to several websites.

Andreas Heraf, indicted of “creating a climate of fear” within the team, the German-based Web site reported. The complaint included what was said to be a “poisoned atmosphere”, a mutiny, and a tactical deficit. The players expressed their unwillingness to play under his leadership. After the complaint arrived, the New Zealand Confederation awarded the Austrian coach permission and set up an independent commission of inquiry.

Andreas Heraf submitted his resignation and attached it with his full consent to participate in the investigation, said the president of the New Zealand Football Association, Drake Chau. In an interview with Austrian newspaper Der Standard, Heraf had rejected the charges and said they lacked any basis.

Heraf was a player in Rabid Vienna and won three times in the Austrian league, moving between some clubs including Hoffenheim. When he worked in training, he was for many years coach of the Austrian junior team.

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