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UFC decided Nurmagomedov Will not Face Mayweather


UFC Decided: Nurmagomedov Will not Face Mayweather

The head of the UFC martial arts organization, Dana White, has put an end to the dreams of martial arts fans watching a historic battle between Russian fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov and US boxer Floyd Mayweather.

White said Nurmagomedov is fighting in UFC and can not switch to boxing without the prior approval of the organization.

He stressed that he would not pay attention to the talk of Nurmagomedov about his attempt to organize a fight with the American boxer in Moscow.

Mayweather returned from retirement and fought down against Irish MMA fighter Connor McGregor, winning him to keep his record unbeaten throughout his 50-fight career.

Meanwhile, Khabib Nurmagomedov won an exciting victory over McGregor earlier this month.

The Irish fighter expressed a desire to re-fight with his Russian counterpart, but White rejected it and said Khabib will face the American Tony Ferguson during his next fight.


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