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French player dies of Rugby


“Obstruction” Cause the Death of Rugby Player in France!

The young French rugby player, Louis Vajfrowski, died after being stymied by his teammates during a friendly match between Aurec and Rodden on Friday night, and his death has shocked French rugby.

In the details, the 21-year-old Vajfrowski was severely hampered by the opposing players. The player went out in the 60th minute and, after falling to the ground, managed to stand and walk to the dressing rooms with a doctor.

According to his club via Twitter on Friday night, he was “feeling the pain to announce the death of Luis Vajfrowski, “He said, adding that the latter died” after being upset in the changing rooms during the friendly match. ”

According to Agence France-Presse, the prosecution opened on Saturday an investigation into the death of young Vajfrowski, and pointed out that the investigation to be conducted by the Police Commission in Oriak aims to “search for the causes of death,” and “understand why and because of what” the player died.

“After he left the field, his condition appeared not to be so disturbing that he wanted to go back to play, but then started vomiting,” the prosecution said, explaining that an autopsy would be carried out Monday, which would “determine what led to his death, Was obstruction a reason? ”

The French rugby union expressed its “deep sadness” over the death of the player and expressed “full support” for his family.

The death of the player was a shock among the French rugby. Several clubs expressed their grief and condolences to his family and his club. “Psychological Assistance Cell” to provide advice and assistance to “all persons affected” by what happened.


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