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Osaka, the US Open Champion at The Expense of Serena Williams

US Open Champion Osaka

Japan’s Naomi Osaka made her first Grand Slam title after beating Serena Williams to be the US Open Champion in two clean sets after a dramatic match between Serena and the referee.

Naomi started to meet strongly, and did not suffer the decisiveness of the first group in their favor to come very close to winning the highest ideals to achieve the title.

Serena Williams crying

Serena Williams

The second group saw the Serena wakeup, which faced arbitral decisions affecting the psychological progress of the meeting and the score.

The referee gave Serena a warning because she used her coach through signals, Serena did not accept the warning and did not find dealing with the referee where she entered a long dispute with the referee.

When Serena lost her message after a broken lead, she broke her racket and, according to the law, the referee had to give her another warning of bad behavior, making her lose a point.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Serena had to be wiser and more experienced in dealing with the referee and this situation where any new warning would make her lose a run instead of a point.

But Serena was unable to maintain her nerves and described the referee as a thief and a debtor with an apology, necessitating the interference of the general government, which did not change the decision that gave Serena a third warning denied a run for Osaka, which is one step away from the title.

Serena’s state of mind did not allow her to withstand the pressure of sending Osaka to the tournament, as the Japanese went steadily to achieve the title of Flushing Meadows as the first Japanese woman in history to achieve the title of Grand Slam.

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