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Ronaldo 's neighbors angrybecause of Paparazzi


Paparazzi Irritates Ronaldo’s New Neighbors

It seems that the arrival of the Portuguese star to Italy, and stability in the city of Turin, did not appeal to everyone, because of the inconvenience caused by Paparazzi and fans to his neighbors at his residence.

According to some Italian newspapers, which confirmed that among the angry, one of the neighbors in the same residence, the Italian actress Luciana Letizetto, who became harassed by the Paparazzi and cameras chasing the “Don” and disturb the calm, Italian press reported.

The Italian actress, who adjoins the “Don” in the house, was harassed by the “Paparazzi” cameras she was chasing, especially since she was a famous actress. Her residence was not known to many until she was approached by Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to the Italian newspaper “Ogi”, the actress was affected by Magarwa “Don”, especially that she always found in her home the media cameras that monitor the private life of Ronaldo with his family in Italy, which is disturbing the tranquility of Luciana, forcing her to leave her home and move to a place away from Noise cameras.

Cristiano Ronaldo recently moved to Turin with his family in the Italian city of Turin in a luxury villa overlooking the city hills behind a church. The Don settled in Turin after joining the club from Real Madrid in the summer transfer.

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