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President of Indonesia Driving a Motorcycle in the Opening of the Asian Games

Goku Widodo in asian games

Indonesian President Goku Widodo, stirring up on social networking platforms after a video show at the opening ceremony of the 18th Asian Games, ended the 57-year-old president’s entry into the stadium, driving a motorcycle.

The jubilant video shows the president’s motorcade being halted by traffic jams in Jakarta, forcing him to take off his official uniform from his car, to ride a motorcycle, and to drive and jump over it, over obstacles and roam alleys and streets until he enters the stadium.

After entering the stadium with a motorcycle, the president took his seat to follow the opening ceremony of the Asian Games on Saturday evening, with the participation of about 4,000 dancers and dancers.

The spectacular concert staged on a 600-ton stadium in the form of a volcano-like landscape.

By Sunday, the video of the president as he rode the streets of the city with a motorbike of more than 800,000 views at the expense of the SCTV network on YouTube.

The video has also sparked a buzz on Twitter. “I am proud to be Indonesia” and “# the most dangerous man” has become the most traded in the Southeast Asian country, where many of the country’s 260 million people accept to use Social media.

The video may have inspired by the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012, which included a video of Queen Elizabeth and actor Daniel Craig, the hero of some James Bond films, in which the queen appears to jump from a helicopter to the stadium.

Indonesian media speculated that the footage in the video was performed by an alternate representative of Loydodo, who admits he is a motorcycle lover and is often photographed driving.

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