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Raja Club Won the African Cup Despite The Lose

Morocco’s Raja Football Club won the African Confederation Cup (CAF) for the second time in their history, despite losing to Vita Club Congolese 1-3 in the final of the tournament.

Raja scored an opening goal by Abdelilah Hafidi (minute 21), and Vita Club tied by Makoto Mundelein goal in the fourth minute of the penalty time in the first half.

Patizadio added the second goal of the Vita Club (minute 71), and Fabrice Ngoma added the third goal (minute 74).

Despite the loss, Raja Club was crowned with the title, benefiting from a clean triple win at home, where he won the total of the two-way games with a result of 4.3.

Raja had been crowned by the title of the tournament once before in 2003.

Raja became The fourth Moroccan team crowned with the CAF Cup after being preceded by the Royal Army club and AL-Fath Ribati Club and Maghreb Al-Fassi.

Moroccan Football won the Confederation Cup after a seven-year absence, the last time a Moroccan team won the title in 2011 through Maghreb Al-Fassi.


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