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Rakitic Statement Will Makes Messi Angry

Rakitic and Messi

Croatian striker Ivan Rakitic has come close to leave Barcelona this season and moving to Paris St Germain, but then decided to continue, which pleased the fans, but he issued a statement that could provoke a riot against him within the Catalan club.

Rakitic praised his fellow Real Madrid star Luca Modric as “the best player in the world and a symbol of the Spanish Liga.” The statement came amid resentment within Barcelona over the absence of Argentine legend Lionel Messi of the World Player of the Year nominations from ” FIFA “for the first time in many years after also excluded, from the nominations of the award of the best European player.

Rakitic said that those who criticize Medric’s victory or nomination for the awards are “jealous” as he put it, stressing that “he is the best player in the Spanish league now, the best player in the world this year and a source of pride for Croatia.

I’m very proud of him. He’s my friend and we’ve been playing together for 11 years. He’s jealous of him. I’m very excited. I hope he’s won the World Player of the Year and the Golden Ball award. ”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent, George Medisch, attacked Modric’s win for the European Player of the Year award, describing it as a “disgrace,” while the player was attacked by the family of his former Portuguese colleague at Real.

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