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Toyota Yaris fourth victory


Rally Finland: Tanak Wins and Returns to Compete for Drivers Title

The Ott Tanak (Toyota Yaris RRC) on Sunday won the eighth World Rally Championship, ahead of Norway’s Mads Osterberg (Citroen C3WRC) and Finland’s Yari-Mate Latvala (Toyota) and returned to the title race Drivers.

Tanak scored his fourth victory in the WRC and the second this year after the Argentine Rally in late April to consolidate his position in third place, 46 points behind Belgian Thierry Novell (Hyundai) A 20 WRC).

Novell did not succeed in a better place than ninth in the final standings, while the direct rival to the title of the world champion five times, the Frenchman Sebastian Ojie (Ford Fiesta WRC) fifth, reducing the difference between the Belgian and the drivers in the ranking of drivers to 21 points.

Tanak managed to finish the rally 32 seconds from Ostberg and 35 seconds from Latvala.

The Estonian driver took control of the rally with the fastest time in 12 stages of speed, out of 23, allowing him to reduce his rhythm from Saturday.

Tanak was also the fastest driver in the final stage of the Power Stage on Sunday, which enabled him to score 30 points in total and perfect, the total points awarded in one of the rallies, and re-entered the competition for the title of drivers, Five rounds from the end of the tournament (out of 13).

Tanak wins and returns to competition

Otak Tanak

“The team did a great job and the weekend was perfect for us,” said Tanak.

For his part, Am-Sport’s Ujie was disappointed during the Power Stage phase by finishing sixth, without scoring a point. Unlike Novell, who won two valuable points in his battle for the drivers’ global crown in the face of intense competition until the end This year.

Ojie managed to advance to fifth place in the final standings after Finnish teammate Timo Suninen received a penalty for his voluntary delay before the final stage.

His other teammate, Elven Evans, was also allowed to cross him on Friday at the request of British team leader Malcolm Wilson.

Finland’s Isabika Laby (Toyota), who won the title of last year’s Rally, was not lucky enough to pull out of the race on Sunday.

Finland’s Eric Pietarinen won the WRC2 World Championship title on the Skoda Fabia R5.

The ninth round of the World Rally Championship in Germany takes place on paved tracks three weeks later.

– Top ten ranking:

1. The Estonian Out-Tanak (Toyota Yaris) 2.35: 18.1 hours

2 – Mads Mads Ostberg (Citroen C3) by 32.7 seconds

3. Yari Mati Latvala (Toyota Yaris) 35.5 w

4. New Zealand’s Hayden Badon (Hyundai A20) 1: 35.6 minutes

5. Sebastien Oguyet (Ford Fiesta) 2: 15.0

6. Timo Sonnen (Finn Fiesta), Finland, 2: 19.2

7. Alvin Evans (Ford Fiesta) 2: 29.5

8. Craig Brin (Citroen C3) 3: 08.4

9. Thierry Novell (Hyundai I 20) 3: 51.8

10- Andreas Mikkelsen (Hyundai E20) 8: 37.4

World Championship Rankings:

  1. Thierry NEUVILLE 153 points
  2. Sébastien OGIER 132
  3. Ott TÄNAK 107
  4. Esapekka LAPPI (Finn) 70
  5. Dani Sword, Spain, 60

Manufacturers’ Order:

  1. Hyundai has 228 points
  2. Sports Ford 202
  3. Toyota 201
  4. Citroen 153

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