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Ramos Disguised from the Fans in Abu Dhabi

Ramos Disguised from the Fans

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has resorted to a special trick to get rid of chasing fans and roam freely in Abu Dhabi.

Ramos drew attention wearing Gulf uniforms with a number of his friends who left in one car in the direction of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Real Madrid players were free on Thursday morning after beating Japan’s Kashima Intlers in the semi-finals of the World Cup in the UAE.

The photographers’ lenses set a number of the “royal” players leaving the team’s residence to different destinations in order to take advantage of the free period that lasts until 5 pm.

The leader of the “Royal club” tried to hide from the eyes of the fans by wearing large sunglasses and hide his face with Ghatra.

Madrid will resume preparations for the final of the Clubs World Cup next Saturday with Al Ain UAE.


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