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Sergio Ramos Mocking Egyptians Because of Salah

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has denied that Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah or English goalkeeper Loris Carries has been deliberately insulted. “What Fermino says is true,” he said.

I did not want to talk so that the subject would not grow up in the end, but by seeing the game, he pulled my trigger first from the arm, and I fell on the other side, and he was actually injured in his arm. But they say I made a forbidden move in judo. ”

“After that, the keeper says he was shocked by the contact with me,”  adding that Fermino had only to say he had a cold because he had a sweat.

Ramos revealed his contact with Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian striker was in good shape.

“I have spoken to him in good condition,” he said, adding that he believed the Egyptian striker could have continued for the second half.

“It looks like it’s going to be so when Ramos does it, it’s going to be like this when you’re at Real Madrid and win for so many years because people will look at you differently.”

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