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Real Madrid Biggest Surprise about The Mercato

Perez announces the biggest transfers of the Mercato

Real Madrid has come close to blowing up one of the biggest surprises this summer about Mercato, which has only two days remaining in to end in Spain.

Argentine reports indicated that Real Madrid had closed the contract with Juventus striker Paulo Dybala this summer to strengthen the club’s ranks before the transfer market closed.

Argentinian journalist Mauricio Hidalgo, who works for Argentina’s leading daily newspaper Uli, said Real Madrid had reached an agreement with Juventus to join Dybala before closing the door to compensate for Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure this summer.

Last Mercato Transitions

Juventus Star Dybala

The reporter said the deal would cost the club’s coffers for 180 million euros while Dybala would receive an annual salary of 16 million euros each year.

Paulo Dybala has been distracted by Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri in most of last season’s matches but is one of the most prominent players in the Bianconeri squad and has managed to score many of his team’s crucial goals.

Dybala was substituted for Lazio’s last game against Lazio, prompting everyone to doubt that the player could leave and his role is not that great after Cristiano Ronaldo’s signing this summer.

The Bianconeri coach Massimiliano Allegri has been favoring Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Mario Mandzukic for the first time since the start of the season, while Argentinian star Douglas Costa is sometimes replaced.

Several press reports have confirmed that Real are on the verge of signing a major star during the current summer Mercato. Newspapers have reported that Royal officials are waiting for EU sanctions against Paris St Germain for the French club Cléin Mbabé. An eye towards Dybala.

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