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Referee Felix Brych … Juventus Permanent Enemy

Referee Felix Brych

German referee Felix Brych has gained more hatred from Juventus fans after Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off in the first half of Valencia’s Champions League first-round match.

Juventus fans attacked the referee after their team threatened to defeat Cristiano Ronaldo in the 28th minute, but the Italian champions held on to a 2-0 home win. The Italian fans recall a previous decision by the same referee that they believe is no less unfair than Ronaldo’s decision yesterday when he ran the Champions League final 2017 against Real Madrid.

British striker Juan Cuadrado has been sent off by Sergio Ramos, who is the captain of the Real, but television replays have shown that the Juventus did not commit a deliberate foul and did not deserve to be kicked out. Ferringhi took advantage of the numerical deficit to widen the gap to 4-1 and win the continental title.

After the brutal dismissal of Ronaldo, Juventus vice-president Pavel Nedved stepped down to the tunnel leading to the dressing rooms to face the referee between the two matches, accompanied by two board members of the Italian club, But Brych and his aides rushed to their room without responding to Nedved’s accusations.

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