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Ricciardo’s Decision to Mix the Cards in Formula 1

red bull driver Daniel Ricciardo

The most difficult decision in the life of Daniel Ricciardo is choosing to leave Paul and join Renault next season, is good news for some Formula One drivers, but he will leave some in the face of uncertainties about the future.

But the immediate questions to be answered are who will be the replacement of the Australian driver alongside Max Verstappen? And what will happen to Carlos Sainz, who was taken in?

The two questions came together as Sainz, 23, was loaned to Renault by Red Bull in 2018 after the French team needed an alternative to Briton Julien Palmer, who was not doing well.

It is possible to push Saints into the Red Bull, but this combination, which was combined with Forrester in Toro Rosso, was far from smooth.

The 20-year-old Dutch driver is now the main focus of the team’s focus.

Frenchman Pierre Gaselli, the Formula 2 champion in 2016, was impressed with Toro Rosso and could be stepped up with Red Bull for his experience in using Honda engines this season.

Honda will become a Red Bull engine partner in 2019.

Until Red Bull decides, Sainz’s hand will be closed, and any further move will be suspended, although McClaren is interested in hiring him.

The escalation of Gasli will leave Paul in a crisis from Toro Rosso, where there seems to be no qualified young driver who can be stepped up from the Red Bull Junior Academy to fill the void that will happen, and Sainz is unlikely to return.

This may mean that a decision on Galli’s colleague in 2018, New Zealand’s Brendon Hartley, has been postponed, although he seems closer to leaving the team.

McLaren will see what will be the decision of Fernando Alonso, 37, world champion twice, winner of the 24-hour Le Mans, on the next step in his future.

The big decision will affect the future of his Belgian colleague, Stoffel Vandoorne, stumbling, and alternative British driver, Lando Norris.

Toro Rosso was interested in joining Norris after looking for a replacement for Hartley earlier this season, but McClaren did not care.

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