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Robert Lewandowski Responds to The Rumors in an Ideal Way

polish player Robert Lewandowski

In a seemingly perfect way, Polish star Robert Lewandowski responded to all doubts about his desire to join Real Madrid, where he showed great enthusiasm to stay in Bayern Munich when he scored a hat-trick in the German Super Cup.

Striker Lewandowski scored his hat-trick against Eintracht Frankfurt on Sunday night, ending the match with a 5-0 win over Bayern Munich and finishing seventh in the German Super Cup.

The 29-year-old will stay with Bayern Munich until 2021, and although his stay until the end of the decade is not decided, at least he is sure to stay in the Bavarian side for the new season. Bayern said recently that the player will not move to any other team During the current summer transfer market.

In the 72nd minute, Levandowski scored the best in the 72nd minute and managed to get rid of the frustrations he had experienced since the Polish team’s exit from the group stage at the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the failure to score a goal His country is known as the historic scorer of the national team.

“For us, it was always clear that there was no way for the player to leave,” said Hasan Salih Hamedic, the director of the ball.

Lewandowski scored the first three goals for Bayern in the 21nd and 26th minutes with two heads and 54 shots from 17 meters. Kingsley Koman and Thiago Alcantara added the fourth and fifth goals to the perfect start for coach Niko Kovac as manager of the successor Yup Hynix.

“We were really good for 90 minutes,” said Kovac, who led Eintracht Frankfurt to a 3-1 win over Bayern Munich in the German Cup final in May.

“We had to provide a disciplined performance and be quick from defense to attack, and we scored goals in time … it was a deserved victory,” he said.

One of Kovac’s first tasks was to review the extent to which the Bavarian team needed Levandowski’s efforts.

Levandowski played a key role in his promotion of Bayern Munich last season for the Bundesliga title for the seventh season in a row.

Since joining Bayern from Borussia Dortmund in July 2014, Lewandowski has scored 106 goals in 126 league games.

“Robert knows how to see him, he is certainly one of the top three players in his attacking position worldwide,” Kovac told Sports Build magazine a few days ago.

“We certainly will not let him go,” Robert said.

Bayern Munich will play on Saturday, where fourth-division Drogstein Essel will meet in the first round of the German Cup and start their Bundesliga season against Hoffenheim on August 24.

Bayern’s victory in the UEFA Cup final was a sign of continued dominance and superiority of the Bavarian side, as well as their fans following the defeat in the Cup final and the Champions League semi-final at Real Madrid.

The German team’s morale was also lifted after a difficult period after the disappointing exit from the group stage at the Russian World Cup.

“The title means a lot to the club and to the players of our team, after a shock that began in mid-April,” said Mates Hamels, Bayern Munich’s central defender.

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