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Video: Romano Fenati Attempt to Kill his Opponent

Italy’s retired rider Romano Fenati has been withdrawn and banned this Tuesday from participating in all competitions by the Italian Motorcycle Federation (IAAF), After grabbing the brakes of his opponent in the Moto 2 race within the Grand San Marino Grand Prix on Sunday.

The 22-year-old had previously announced his retirement after his contract with Marinelli Snipers Team (Calix) was canceled and his next season’s transfer to Forward Racing Team (Sutter) was canceled.

Veneti was ordered to appear before a disciplinary committee of the Italian Federation on 14 September to explain what he had done.

Veneti said he was responding to his compatriot Stefano Manzi by breaking his brakes as they drove more than 200 kilometers in the Moto 2 race at the Mezzano circuit. The latter lost his balance briefly before taking control of his bike.

Fenati reacted to what had happened with a few laps before Manzi tried to overtake him, causing the riders to leave the ring, but they completed the race before lifting the black flag against the first because of the offense, and therefore excluded before 7 laps on the end of the race.

Fenati apologized for his “shameful movement” and said on Tuesday he would retire from sports and return to complete his studies. “I have finished the world of motorcycles, I will not participate again, I was wrong, that’s right: I apologize to everyone.”

“You want to see my helmet and my skin, there’s a long black band on it, Manzi rubber, it attacked me three times and almost killed me, as you say,” he told La Repubblica newspaper.

“The last time I got with me was 500 meters (from the brakes). Then I told myself I would do the same thing,” he said. “I’ll show you that I can be bad, and maybe you’ll finally understand what that means.”

“But I never thought of hurting him, I swear by that.”

It was not the first time Romano Fenati had committed such an offense. He had already made headlines in 2015 when his Finnish rival Niklas Io kicked his warm-up in the Moto 3 race for the Argentina Grand Prix.

The Italian cyclist was also expelled during the 2016 season for disciplinary reasons from his team SkyRange TeamVR46, owned by Italian legend Valentino Rossi, who justified the move by saying “sorry, Romano took a lot of our focus, but we could not deal with him.

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