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Ronaldinho’s Credit in the Bank 6 Euros Only!

former player Ronaldinho

Brazil’s Legendary player Ronaldinho faces a financial crisis recently with local authorities in his country after a long dispute ended with the decision to hold his bank balance, but the surprise happened.

Brazilian authorities have withdrawn Ronaldinho’s passport to restrict his movement and his brother, for failing to pay a fine of  8.5 million Brazilian Real equivalents to two million euros for illegal construction of state-owned land in February 2015.

The authorities decided to seize the funds of the former Barcelona star, but discovered that its credit in Brazilian banks is only 24.6 riyals, equivalent to only 6€.

The authorities seized the contents and furniture of the illegal building, but that was not sufficient to pay the fines in full after four years of judicial disputes.

The court in Rio de Janeiro, the 2005 Ballon d’Or winner’s home state, has now ruled that the former football star must submit his passport when he returns to Brazil from his current travels.

The media speculate that Ronaldinho has hidden a wealth of money outside of Brazil, especially that he has made huge gains in recent times through his visits to Asia and Africa for advertising purposes, and also launched a line to manufacture sports shoes in cooperation with the company (Nike).


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