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After the “Offensive Program” .. Ronaldo Stand Up for Georgina

Georgina Rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo has threatened to sue a Spanish station after a television report “offensive” to his Spanish girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, Spanish sources said.

The newspaper said that Ronaldo was “furious” and threatened to sue the Spanish station “Mediaset” after one of its channels broadcast a report offensive to his girlfriend Rodriguez.

A news program on Telecinco, a Mediaset channel, broadcast a report a few days ago alleging that Rodriguez had abandoned her family after starting her relationship with Ronaldo.

The report said her relationship with the Portuguese leader had cut off her relationship with her father, who lives in Argentina and found her in Spain.

The newspaper said the report provoked Juventus’ “indignation”, which asked his lawyer to write a threat message to “Mediaset” to limit the transmission of any reports on the subject.

According to As, the station considered the message and stopped any news report on Rodriguez and her family.

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