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Ronaldo’s Expulsion and Manchester Fans

The tears of Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo after He was sent off for the match against Valencia in the first round of Group H in the Champions League. Made Football fans from around the world have been sympathetic to him, especially fans of the Manchester United.

Some of the fans of the clubs that Cristiano Ronaldo played with were greatly affected by the unfairness of his red card, especially Manchester fans who showed solidarity with their former player, because of the Portuguese star’s absence from two matches in the Champions League If he was acquitted of the penalty of suspension, while others felt that he was representing and worthy of what happened to him.

“Two of the three matches that Ronaldo may miss against our team, but we are fans of the Red Devils do not mind,” wrote a famous account representing Manchester United fans on social networking sites Twitter. Reduce his sentence, we want him to play against us. ”

And Mystic Guilic.. said, “A lot of people laughing at Ronaldo crying after being sent off but that’s exactly why he’s my favorite player. His passion and drive to win is unmatched ”

On the other side, who thought the Portuguese deserved to be kicked out, one of them said: “The way Cristiano Ronaldo would cry after receiving the red card … I have a feeling that he will commit suicide if he does not win the Golden Ball.”

Some of the twitters showed a picture comparison between the stars of Barcelona and Juventus, after Barcelona’s Lionel Messi scored three goals in his first match in the Champions League, while Ronaldo was expelled.

“You cannot be 33 years old and pretend to cry, just because you get a red card in a regular match because it’s overpriced,” Pierre-Antoine Damecour

Cristiano Ronaldo’s red card for Juventus in the Champions League is the first in the competition and after 154 games for the Portuguese star.

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