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Felix Brych Referee Unfair


Ronaldo’s Tears… The Referee is Unfair?

The Portuguese star received a strong shock at the start of his career with Juventus in the Champions League.

Ronaldo was a self-confident player with a strong performance reassuring fans of the Italian club hoping to win the European title.

The German referee Felix Brych red card in the face of Ronaldo in the 29th minute of the match between the old lady’s club and Valencia.

Television footage showed Ronaldo apparently attacking without a ball on his opponent in the penalty area of the Spanish club.

The Portuguese star was stunned when he handed the referee the red card in his face and shed tears, uttering words that seemed to confirm that he had not done anything worthy of expulsion.

The opinions of specialists on the verdict were mixed, given the difficulty of judging the shot through television images that were not clear.

A number of specialists confirmed that Juventus had strong chances to win the appeal against the card because of the lack of clarity made by the Portuguese star and subjected to harsh treatment by the referees.

Ronaldo won his first red card in 153 Champions League games and faces the risk of being suspended for two games and being denied the opportunity to return to Old Trafford to face Manchester United on October 23.

Ronaldo has won four Champions League titles with Real Madrid, and he arrived at Juventus last summer to help the team win the Champions League for the last few years.


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