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Sergio Ramos Failed in The Doping Test

Sergio Ramos has failed in doping test

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has failed in doping test twice, according to Football Leaks, which has spawned a number of football scandals.

According to the website, at the Seibersdorf laboratory in Austria, a sample of 3324822 (Ramos) showed a positive test for dexamethasone after the final match of the 2017 Champions League against Juventus, which the royal club won by 4 goals.

The same information says that the Real Madrid doctor admitted that Ramos received two injections of dexamethasone in the knee and shoulder the day before the match.

But it is not the first time the Spanish captain has broken the rules, where he was supposed to take a doping test in April 2018 by the Spanish agency AEPSAD.

But Ramos took a shower before the test, despite warning him that it would have serious consequences, according to IAEA regulations, cannot shower or go to the toilet before the urine test.

The 32-year-old participated this season with his team in 17 games in all competitions scored 5 goals and made 7 goals, including 4 in the Spanish league during 12 games he participated in.



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