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shawn rhoden in mister olympia 2018

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Jamaican Shawn Rhoden Crowned “Mister Olympia 2018”

Champion Shawn Rhoden has been awarded the “Mister Olympia 2018” for the first time in his history during Saturday’s final in Las Vegas, becoming the 14th-ranked champion of the bodybuilding competition.

mister olympia 2018 las vegas

Mister Olympia 2018

Shawn Rhoden stunned his seven-time world champion, Phil Heath, and won him the eighth title. The Jamaican hero also earned $ 675,000, the largest in the history of the ” Olympia ”, which lasted 53 years.

American Phil Heath was chasing his eighth successive title in the competition to repeat the two American legends Lee Haney (1984-1991) and Ronnie Coleman (1998-2005), who were able to win eight titles in the history of the competition.

The American Phil Heath, after winning last year’s title against the Egyptian hero Mamdouh al-Subaie, nicknamed “Big Rami,” which was the second time, before losing this year’s title in front of Shawn Rhoden, who surpassed him in some details, While Phil Heath was in the back muscle, and they were close together to highlight the rest of the muscles, harmony and aesthetic.

mister olympia 2018 winner

Mister Olympia

Jamaican Rhoden took second place in the 2016 competition and finally managed to carry the Eugene Sandow Cup in one of the most competitive, exciting and interesting bodybuilding competitions that will not be forgotten in modern history.

The title is a compensatory win for Rhoden, who was forced to withdraw from the Arnold Classic contest last March, after announcing on his official Web page that he would enter intensive care for treatment.

Observers and referees highly praised the level reached by Shawn Rhoden, especially after the illness he suffered and intensive care. Given the physical condition of the Jamaican champion seven months ago and his ability to come back during this period and go through his tricks heavily and prepare for the finals and pull the rug from the legs of Phil Heath, what has achieved something impressive deserved praise from everyone.

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Mister Olympia 2018

Rhoden was able to embrace the title at the age of 43 years, equaling the record for the biggest bodybuilding athlete to win the award, champion Chris Dickerson, who was crowned the 1982 Mister Olympia.

According to the great potential of the Jamaican hero and the beauty of his body and consistency, he can maintain his title for the second year in a row when the next year’s competition will start if not Phil Heath have another opinion.

The Egyptian champion Mamdouh al-Subaie (Big Rami) has been disappointed and failed to occupy one of the five ranks this year, although he was close to achieving the title last year against Phil Heath when he finished in second place.

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Mister Olympia 2018

The first appearance of the Egyptian hero at the Mister Olympia amateur stage was in 2012, where he won first place, and won the New York Pro in 2013, without his first appearance in the biggest tournament. Olympia ” in 2013, and managed to rank eighth among many stars, to be ranked among the top 10 players, and participated in the same competition in 2014 (Center VII), 2015 (fifth) and 2016 (fourth).

Big Ram is the first Egyptian and Arab player to win first place at the famous Arnold Classic in Brazil in 2015, in the presence of American legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. He received a $ 130,000 cash prize, a Hammer, Rolex, Before defeating one of the top five places this year – Jamaican champion Shawn Rhoden, American Phil Heath, second-placed Roelly Winklaar, third-seeded Dutchman William Bonack, and American Brandon Curry in fifth place.

For the first time, the audience voted for this year’s Mister Olympia, and the ticket holders gave their votes to Roelly Winklaar and chose him as the best athlete to qualify for the 2018 Mister Olympia.

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